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It is a long established fact that a reade.


Education has been allowed to go to distant China countries too. Learning from the rocking to the grave does not end.

Who We Are

Education has been allowed to go to distant China countries too. Learning from the rocking to the grave

does not end.

Is education really different from school? It is proposed to offer a process to find meaning of education and

to call it true and probability. It can be defined as the field of knowledgeable, rosy, conduct and respectful

learning, which should have the opportunity to share the universe.

The definition of education governed by mainstream schools today is education, knowledge, skills, and

student information from teachers.

Although the sound of a metaphor-based distribution system as a reasonable measure, it does not consider

the most important thing for education.

This misconception of true education and how it can be achieved today is the main problem of mainstream


This concept of education demonstrates knowledge about examining students who contribute to driving the

policy makers to emphasize the “unit” account of the information providers to the students and the teacher.

The widespread scale requires the absence of standard results in a kind of educational accounting that

administrators move to control the behavior of the teacher, thereby leading to the behavior of the student

behavior that increases anxiety, depression, and other psychological ways of decreasing other means.

It is confusing as it often goes to school when talking about education. Many people see or hear the word

seeing places like schools or colleges. They may also see special jobs like teachers or teachers. The problem

is that, while helping people learn, how many schools and teachers work is not that we can call education

properly. They have either chosen or read or have been admitted to ‘going to school’ – trying to learn people

according to some plans drawn by others. Education, as we here understand, is a process of calling for truth

and prospect, as it is a social process – ‘Preparation for future life and the process of livelihood’. In this view,

teachers look at them instead of working with them. To improve their task (related to possible Greek

concepts), to gain or develop feasibility.

It is often said that we are always learning and we may not be aware of it happening. Teaching is a process

and a result both. As a process it is part of the world’s living, part of the work of our organization. As a result

it is a new understanding or grace of something.

In recent years, the development of neuroscience has shown us how to behave in both body and social

activity. Instead of trying to gain knowledge among the masses for education as a result of social animals we

need education to build environment and relationships.

Teachers are losing education because our youth is confused by the social world. Naturally students do not

see it this way. They did not like to get consistent guidance on things that do not seem relevant to them.

They want to learn desperately, but what they want to learn is their social world – how it works and how they

can protect a place that maximizes their social rewards and reduces social pain, their brains understand and

psychologies these powerful social goals Designed to help them by using the method. Evolutionally, there is

no subconscious for the social interest of teenagers. Instead, it is the most important thing they can learn